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With OJA, you can easily access a wide range of stores in your geographic region and have your items delivered to you in as short as 90 minutes.

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How it works

Scan Product Barcode

Scan your favourite products and add them to your cart without stress

Personal Shopper

Hire the services of a personal shopper and get the best quality products.

Same day Delivery

We offer same day delivery for orders done during the day and afternoon with flexibility

Oja Innovate

Oja provides innovative solutions that transform the way stores and supermarkets meet up to customer demands, while reducing costs and waste.

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Oja Experience

Our team at Oja helps elevate and preserve the hospitality experience across the entire payment, checkout and delivery experience using menu design, commissary techniques and process automation applied to the latest technology

Oja Delivers

The rise of delivery is fundamentally changing the landscape for brands. Our App with the aid of predictive analytics help businesses thrive in this new environment.

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What We Provide

Best prices & offers

Competitive price with your favorite store

Easy Returns

Easy returns for products within two days of purchase

Wide assortment

We have it all with over 10,000 products and over a 1000 brands in our catalog you will find everything you are looking for.

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